helps organisations

their reputation
live up 
to their values
wrongdoings early on
make employees 
feel engaged
protect or recover 

Smart whistleblowing facts?

Companies receive 1 alert per year per 100 employees.
98% of the alerts are made in good faith and in the interest of the company.
More than 50% of all alerts are right on the wrongdoings and threats they unfolded.
The anonymity option is the n° 1 driver of effective use and trust in the system.

New Possibilities

WhistleBlowing Center™

Every group features 5% potential offenders and 15% ethicists.
The remaining 80% are influenced by the context and culture.


- Generic or Tailored
- Online or on premise
- For alert managers, Directors and CEOs or Whistleblowers
- Hard & soft skills



- Available 7/7
- Confidential
- Compliant by design
- Experts
- Human friendly

Options : tailored to escort you all the way


- Independent advice
- Tailored to your needs
- No one-size fits all 
- European preference
- Security

Option : One stop-shop


Why Care ?

You believe in the power of integrity as a business driver.

You employ 50+ employees in the private or public sector.
You know you must set up an effective WhistleBlowing system, in compliance with the new EU WhistleBlowing Directive. 

Who Cares ?

Your company and board

to address risks & limit liability

Your teams

to feel heard & stay engaged

Public authorities & citizens

to promote ethics & general interest

Your shareholders & stakeholders

to secure value and reputation

Why WB Center?

360° Experience & Expertise


Confidentiality & Security

Business & government acumen


Multi-lingual and cultural

Companies have been trusting us for years and recommend our skills and approach

New Possibilities

Benefits & Results

Together, we transform a legal duty into a business opportunity

Reinforced culture and reputation

Early self-detection of issues

Limited executives’ and director’s liability

Meaningful role modelling by management

Revived teams’ engagement and talent retention

Prevention of public scandals and proceedings

Asset protection and recovery

Insights improving business governance and performance

who we are

A team of experts

Our team of experts is unique in the whistleblowing field.

Experienced executives and lawyers who have also been auditors or compliance officers in charge of WhistleBlowing in large companies, across sectors and continents, responsible for thousands of employees, hundreds of alerts and internal investigations.

We offer strong experience and expertise, secrecy or legal privilege, independence and objectivity, along with the right guidance to management of corporations, public authorities and whistle-blowers.

who we are


We invest in LegalTech and ComplianceTech
to facilitate and secure WhistleBlowing reports.
A leading transport company
appoints us to launch its integrity hotline and to receive all alerts for the company.
We completed an internal investigation
into 10 wrongdoing allegations, enabling the recovery of company assets.
Assets Recovery
Our WB Team completes a massive investigation into a subsidiary enabling the recovery of €400.00 worth assets.
New line of defence
Our WB Team is called to rescue an investigation and protect whistleblowers after internal and external auditors are found conflicted with the issues at stake (fraud, corruption)

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